You get a clear and clear structure to formulate your ideal living requirements. 

Nathan Jasper
Masterclass participant

I have learned to be able to look even further than my own creativity allowed. In addition, the systematic approach to a space. Interesting to hear about the different possibilities of heating, electricity etc.

Karen Schudde

I have learned a better view on what a house means to you and has you to offer.

Marc Vossen


I learned that there are more possibilities than just buying or renting. You learn to be more creative with your living needs and I am more aware of how I want to live.

Inez van Nierop


I now have insight into the various possibilities to acquire a casco of which I can then custom design the interior. It is possible and turns out to be within reach! The gunner to his linstock, and the tiller to the helm. Remko has a lot of knowledge of everything surrounding living in an “alternative” location. Use his knowledge, network and abilities! Maaike Frankena


Visionary approach of building plans with the users at the wheel. Masterclass


Usually the house determines what wishes can come true, this time it was the other way around. Masterclass


Realize your Dream Home

in 7 steps

Create your Dream Home
in 7 steps

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