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Do you want to know how you – and preferably you and your partner together – can realize a DreamHome, buying or renting? Do you sense that WHERE you want to live and HOW you want to live there mingle? That you therefore have a hard time taking the important decision that get postponed as a result? And do you also want to build your DreamHome without unpleasant surprises?

Do you have a grip of your budget, time and the quality of your home? Are you appreciated when you take your responsibilities in your private life at home? Do you see your ambitions at work recur in healthy, productive and safe living for yourself and your significant other? Do you relax at home?

My name is Remko Zuidema and I believe that everybody has the right to have and reach their desired DreamHome within their available budget, with a lot more personal quality than they have now and even within a predictable timeframe.

Why do I want to help you?

I want to help you because I vividly recognize your frustration and because I also know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Apart from that, I am a passionate bridge builder. Making connections between people’s needs in both building and living is the main thread in my life. I grew up among the clients of my parents and grandparents; architects, contractors and accountants. Ideas about architecture, building technique and building management were spoon-fed and led to my Architecture major at TU Delft. Subsequently I have been able to fathom the construction industry from the practice for decades.

In the complex reality, technique and design alone have proven to not be enough to personally touch me. What interests me, is that personally touches you and supports you. That led to a clear vision: directly connecting technical content with the needs of the daily users of a building. I want to help you to realize the personally desired quality at home.

I have also sat in the chair of about every party involved in the current building process, from recourses and building products to contractors and advisors. The construction industry still mostly operates opinionated and head-strong, without seriously keeping in mind the end customer – you as inhabitant and building user. Even worse, without really wanting to get to know you! Based on decades of vastly differing experiences, my ideas of how that can be improved have ripened. Or rather: how it has to be improved. I would like to show you how. The time of words has passed, it is now time to DO.

Take the first step towards your DreamHome now.

To show you how you can do that and to help you out at the start, I have a free gift for you: My e-book “Realize your DreamHome smartly and efficiently in 7 practical steps according to the AtHome!-method”. This is a roadmap with which you will take the 7 essential, concrete and achievable steps to make your living wishes come true.

Fill out your name and email address here below/ on the right, so I can immediately send you my e-book. And after that, you can immediately start realizing your DreamHome!

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